Sunday, October 28, 2007

Here come the issues...

Leopard is out, and I was able to snag a copy in a line of 400 so people. And after a day of making updates, backing up and other clean up issues. I installed it.

And, of course, the issues begin.

They seem to tie back to what I was reading onDaring Fireball's Murphy's Law when installing Leopard. He recommended doing a clean install; he implied it was better to be safe than to be sorry when installing. I kept thinking, that didn't even feel completely true to Murphy's Law. Murphy's Law is when the computer gotten through Leopard with some scrapes, but you done the deed, and you plug in your external hardrive...

And nothing happens.

My luck. But then again I knew I that my drive had to been unreliable.

The problem with this is the fact that most of these issues came from be being plain paranoid and stubborn on an idea. I had wanted to do it this way so that I could get the safest install on the computer, but without a lot of my extra programs, it wouldn't have mattered.
It seems being stubborn and paranoid which will never get you anywhere with a computer most times, except when everything goes to hell. The problem with switching from Windows to Mac is that I"m always expecting that to happen, and it rarely does and me installing Leopard just shows this.

Thank god I was able to get it to work with some very good coxing and lots and lots of patience (and maybe a overt threat of unleashing my 'loving tendencies' on it.

So I get in, and while waiting in between fooling with my external hardrive I was able to get in some one on one time with the operating system, and yes there was some issues with... well nothing other then the drive. The whole upgrade seemed doused with the OS that we know so well, sprinkled with some chunks and specks of updates. (Good god, I want Ice cream)
Like, the ability to take picture with your camera and have it go directly to image capture. This is only something I dreamed about when I first saw image capture. Also when you take a screen shot that get the box that you can drag around the certain area you want a picture of, it give you pixel number which much better help you estimate it's size.
Also now is the auto save on Text edit, which is amazing. And spotlight is a calculator! Oh, is it me, or do the speakers seem louder?

Now, by this time, I got my drive to work, (by I swear magic, and I don't know how I'll get all those variables right again) And... I start just dragging thing in.
Now if I hadn't been so headstrong, I might had just remember the little thing that had popped up a many of time when I was trying to get the Disk Utility to detect my drive, I would have considered the migration assistant, considering it was there every single time. But I just dove straight right in, and by the time I remembered it, I had transfered half my things. And I didn't want to transfer my 20 gigs in music, or screw up my new, fast running computer so I skipped it and ejected my external.

Bad Idea.

I forgot about my saved mail (in a pop account, which of course doesn't stay in link, just feeds it in), some parts of iLife, and my bookmarks and keychain.

Now, I'm going to have to get to a Tiger Mac, get my finicky drive to work, and hope to god I get all that is left.

So what I have learned with this lesson? That Apple products do have there flaws (I would know, my whole Google reader has been clogged with Apple Support posts) but you don't need to be as paranoid as in windows, or as obstantant, (though I wouldn't recommend that in windows unless your trying to out wait a program). Or

Windows = paranoia + breakdowns
Apple= ease + healthy worry

Plug that into your Spotlight calculator.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Man, I am not funny

But I try. I'm actually pretty happy with the fact I got it done in 2 hours. Plus the more times I do it, maybe I'll get better.

Or maybe not.

This is based off all the Iphones who get the 1.1.1 update that have been bricked due to tampering.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Full Moon Tonight


And the crazys are out. And I am one of them.

Cow is hiding in the room.

Edit: I'm now a crazy who is going bowling!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If I could only spell correctly, I might have had a chance

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sometimes I don't know if I was born 100 years early or a hundred years late.

I say this because I am one of those people who just doesn't fit. It's kind of like a round peg in a square hole or something like that. Either way this really came to my attention when my Uncle Rick was talking to me this past weekend. The reason he said this to me was because he always saw me when I was growing up.

An Astronaut.

The coolest job ever in my opinion.

Being an astronaut has probably always been my little underling dream. Whereas all my other dreams were of being a doctor or an artist. When they went away, I could still look at a space launch or something about NASA on Tv and dream. That's what makes me different. This isn't an age for dreamers in most areas of work. Most things have been settled, organized, unionized or just plain banned. It's not like a two hundred years ago when the midwest was still open (gold rush, baby) for settlers heading west for adventure. At that time there were only the dreamers or the greedy . They would go too, and neither should have met.(though they did...). I believe that a hundred years from now there will hopefully be that same expansion, though not on this planet. It will most likely be towards the stars... Because when you see those astronauts, even today, you can tell that they are dreamers living the dream and they know that too. Maybe one day we will all live the dream. Until then, I could always become an astronaut farmer.... (even cooler).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Greatest use of the Iphone song ever

*Falls over laughing*
I will never look at this song the same way again.

Though the 300 page bill makes me feel bad for the person. And the fact is was 275 makes it worse.

So I've come up with a new trademark for AT&T (though it's probably true of any phone company)

AT&T: Killing the Rain-forest one Iphone bill at time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Love it.

I think Cow does too.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why I am Consistently inconsistent

Yes this is me. I am completely and utterly unable to be consistent in somethings. This seems to be one of them. But the reason I'm inconstant with this is because I'm so constant at something else.

Getting in accidents or sick.

So when I don't update, this is usually the reason (or school, but much much less likely). This time, you see I was in summer school (with no Cow, which was a veryy good thing) for the last three weeks... before the three weeks before this. Anyway, one day I decided to go pick blackberries. Well, how can something as innocent as picking blackberries go so utterly wrong you must ask.

When you are horribly, horribly alergic to posion Ivy and think you aren't.

So, Five days of swelling, four hundred dollars (at least), three doctor visits, two shots and steroid pacs, and one ER visit later, I look semi-normal, though I doubt it will completely go away without some side effects on my looks. (*sigh* I have to really start wearing make-up...)

But... in some sick ways... this is really really funny....

If you have a really good stomach and a sick sense of humour (cause to much pity is boring), grab some popcorn and a seat and keep reading as I list out the great little twists in my life.

First, this case of poison Ivy, that I had was yes painful, but it let me be asian.

Yes I said asian, and not just one kind of asian... All kinds.

I was Chinese, Korean, and Japanese all in the span of three days. (I was also a shedding snake for about a week after that).

Also, my accidents always seem to involve my feet. Don't ask me why, I think it's cause they have such a high instep, but who really knows, I have broken 4 toes (5 bones)... and almost every single time it was on a excise machine. And you want to know the best part? Every single time, I wasn't even using the machine... just walking (or jumping) over it.

But we haven't got to the best toe story. My Mom even agrees this is even a Classic Toki-chan moment, truly if you want to know me, you will know this.

So, I was at a Convention (Oh, man the convention stories I have.... *shakes head*) AWA, if that makes any sense, and I was running in the back stage area barefoot. Anyway, I find out my ride is leaving, so I hustle to go catch my ride. Well, I had forgotten that I had an Ein on me (my last stuffed animal before Cow) and needed to give him back. Gave him back, and as I was running back, I stubbed my toe, or at least that's what it felt like at the time. I Just kept running on the side of my foot, something I perfected with all the time I had broken my toe. So that night I look at my toe when I get back, and it really just looked like maybe I had got a splinter in my toe at worst.

Wow was I so wrong.

By Monday, third period my foot had swollen over to twice it's size. My friend very urgently told me to got to the doctor. Well, after a minute of fighting about whether or not I wanted to give up one day of school and risk not getting exempted. I did go though, and well we went to one of those Urgent Care places that had already gotten to know me so well.

This is what came out in the X-ray.
(no way, you got to click the link, I promise it's worth it.)

I thought my mom was going to kill me. She just laughed.

THis is just the tip of the iceburg, though most of the rest aren't that funny and only one really other serious one, (with once again my foot being broke, though on a dirt bike).

Did I mention this is my and Cow's birthday?
May I live another 19 years.

I'll take one with my luck.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dumpstering Diving for God

So while I was looking up the legality of someone stealing your IP, I some how fudged the search enough that I got one of the most interesting sites I've seen in a while. This is a site called which had a post about garbage diving and eating. Ok first I was thinking cool, they must dive for items or something else. But then I saw that they dumpster dived for food.

Wait a second. Food.


Well atleast that was my first thought. Anyway, as I read down farther, I found out why these guys were doing what they were doing. It was eye opening to say the least. I'm not going to post the whole thing, but these guys, low on money, had heard about dumpster diving from their friend Ryan. One night they finally gave in and went with there friend to do this. Anyway, I zoomed down and something caught my eye. Here it is word for word:

Why do we dumpster dive?

God does not call us to try to live as comfortably as possible in an affluent culture--God calls us to live faithfully in the midst of it. Our culture of excess, overconsumption and waste is one that we feel compelled to oppose and this is one way we can actively do so. When we began we just imagined that we would save edible food from being wasted, but we've found that one step leads to another. Now when we get home and do the sorting, we find that we get a large amount of perfectly good food, but also a smaller amount of spoiled food. We've found that we can compost a lot of that and recycle a lot of the packaging it came in. If meat that we find doesn't pass Janel's quality control, we can feed it to a friend's dog. So we are finding better uses for even much of the food that we won't eat.

It's good for the environment (this is related to the first point)

We save money. We have been able to set aside a chunk of money each month which would have gone towards food for ourselves and we donate it to other important causes. We take turns choosing where to give and how to divide the money.
It reinfuses the phrase "Give us this day our daily bread" with new meaning and reminds us of our dependence (on God and also on the regular cycles of the planet).

It feels like a parable rescuing garbage and acknowledging its worth.

It's kind of fun.

(from Laryn and Jamal's post here

I've got to say that struck a cord with me. I always though about dumpster diving as looking for the big things such as furniture or end tables, or all the metal I so want to sort through for the treasures to make artwork with. However, this, this struck me as profound and well still a little disgusting. But these guys, I have to say are living how they believe, and there is not things much more radical (at least in my mind) than to eat garbage. I read some other sites, one called the Tao of Garbage diving (which is by their friend Ryan)which showed how they were able to get foods that they would not get any other way, that combined with quality control well I have to say, these men have discovered a gold mine. Though I would never due this (The second the food around hit the 90 and humid air here the food goes bad) it is amazing to me how these guys show their faith in all things dumpster diving. Then again Jesus showed us faith in everything he did, who says that these guys can't either. Even in dumpster diving.

Other links on this:
Inteview of the Laryn and Jamal on CBC

Tao of Dumpster Diving May need to regester but it's free

Apple and it's secret desire to design more than computers.

Apple has always been a company that has put emphsis on design of products. Well it seems that they also decided that God just didn't design fingers right also. Or atleast the guy who does the patent fillings for Apple. If you look back at Apple Patent fillings you'll notice the fingers in it do not look like any fingers I've seen. I thought that it was first a thumb, then a reader in the comments pointed out that you can tell an Apple patent by it's fingers. Well I have to say it's just strikes me as funny is all that Apple puts so much into it's products; but to miss a detail like this. So either Apple's people who do the patent filings can't draw, or Apple plans of design doesn't just go towards computers.


But then again who could make fingers look more elegant than Apple?

(Photos from Macnn and Photo and readers idea from Endgadet

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Suger addiction

Ok well this is why I think sugar should be considered a controlled substance. As many of you know, my addiction with sugar is long running, from when I was little and the only thing I would eat were sweet carrots, (which turned me orange) to the many incidents that abounded in glomps and other affectionate, but hurting acts. However, since I had given up sugar for lent a year ago (lasted 20 days pretty well)
I have been doing better up till now, so I have decided if I can show to myself (and maybe others) that the reasons that sugar should be labeled as a drug then I will take my sugar levels down to the point where I can drop out of the FDA (Future Diabetics of America).

1)The picture above
2) Cavities. Bane of all sugar users. It is a sure fire sign of one.
3)Highs and lows. This alleged drug can lead to uncontrolled giggly and shaking, know as a sugar high, however, as soon as this wears off, withdrawal begins with tired feeling, as well decreased attention span, and upset stomach (unless overdosed)
3) Large amounts. Many people, especially children will ingest this product in large amount, that is comparable to an overdose upset stomachs, want to never touch suger again and weight gain. Best example of this is day after Halloween.
4)Weight gain. 500 pound person wearing a bathing suit. That's all I'm going to say.
5) Easy access. You can find this any corner, any corner market, and with many south America countries having to turn to growing this substance to help support themselves with the unfair trading laws, you can bet there is going to be more coming in cheaper.
6) Promotion by big business. Even though the business know this sugea has many harmful affects the still sponsor such holidays as Valentines day with chocolate, Birthday's with cakes (except Publix, which I do not think puts any suger in it's cakes), and the greatest offender of all Halloween candy.
7) Sniffing. Sniffing this hurts!
8)The last and most convening reason: THIS MAY DECREASE YOUR LIFESPAN! The use of this drug over your lifespan (some people start as early as two) may lead to increase blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, which are the top killers in the U.S. Without sugar these proportions would be reduced! Hopefully one of these days it will be declared a controlled substance. Until then I will be a user of sugar.
*rips open packet of sugar*
Oh yeah, I need to quit.

(Previously published on Facebook.)

Sorry it took so long.


Miss you to Mos.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Every one Needs to hear this.


I wish I could be as brave as this guy and go give out hugs! He is amazing and all of you are too! (Man have I been up and down this week or what?) I LOVE YA'LL!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mr. Rodgers Goodbye

More Mr. Rodgers... I Love him =)

Monday, June 18, 2007

I love Mr. Rodgers and witty signs

Here's 15 great facts about him here .He was such a dear man, I'm glad he was around when I was growing up, cause I watched him religously... I think. I can only hope we have more men like him. I don't think Cow has seen him ever though..... *thinks about getting Cow a cardigan sweater*

and Witty church signs

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Robot Chicken; Star Wars Special

So me and my brother and Cow were watching Adult Swim... and guess what? STAR WARS AND ROBOT CHICKEN! So the highlights:

The funniest thing to come off Robot Chicken Ever:

I think Robot Chicken came up with the best way of Darth Vader to balance his karma. To be constantly followed around by Jar Jar as a sprit. Truely it is what he should have to happen to him.

Here this clip:

This video of Lobot dancing shows just how we can tell Star Wars was made in the 1970's.

This whole episode is filled with this. You'll enjoy it so here is the whole thing: Here (not really for people under 14)

And I leave you with another one of Darth's Karma being balance, and a very good Chicken clucking of the Star Wars ending.

Apple is to Mobile as Mircosoft is to Home?

Sorry for bringing those horrible SAT moments back, but I just couldn't resist. Anyway, if you haven't heard about Mircosoft's new product, it's new computer which is called Surface. In an Apple Esc. presentation of a product, this product rolled out of the internal jungle of Mircosoft to be one of it's most innovative item.

Mircosoft Surface

It's like a big table that you can finger paint and have it show it up on. Oh and do all your applications. Well this seemed to first strike my Apple sense as horrible and an affront to Apple, just like Mircosoft seems to always seems to copy Apple. Well, this passed like most things (however, it was like eating 10 pound of cheese). So I went back, and it struck me how when Microsoft comes out with anything innovated, (yes, they have come out with innovation, even though we want to make them out to be the biggest copy machine in the world) it has been on programs that have been have been more suited for work or home computers. Word is a perfect example, since when your typing, you want to be settled if your typing something important for work, though their are people like me who, are running to class and finishing up the last paragraph on an essay due thirty minutes ago. But a lot of people like the stability of a computer at the house that doesn't move. Excel and all the rest of the programs seem to need a good chunk of time of working time and attention, and that seems to scream sitting at a desktop to me. Also the fact that the Window's is the gaming platform, which almost always employee's desktops due to the power needed.

Now we look at this Surface, and it seems to ring out to me that this is Microsoft's future. Microsoft has always been good at designing thing (other than bloated OS's) in their heyday things that were great for the desktop. Actually even the bloated OS goes well with the desktop, because you need all the space. Add in the fact that they worked five years on this, and I think this is really their future.

But what does this have to do with Apple and Laptops? Apple has not always been good at laptops, how they started out was the first PC, that was a desktop. However, even this speaks about Apple future. Apple has always wanted total control over their products creation from hardware on up (we will not speak of the dark ages of the time without Steve) they have almost always had an integrated platform. What sector also had this? Mobile phones. I mean, they come preloaded with a OS that the company has made or alerted for the phone, with out a choice. It's not like you can take one phones OS and upload it to another phone, the OS is made to work with the Cellular technology of the company's network. With Mobile products this is needed and Apple may the one to head towards the mobile market. I phone will be a big show of this, but I think that it will be the direction that it heads in

But it's just not the cell phones (Thank God all mighty) but Apple's Laptops are also towards the mobile market at a huge pace. Mostly because of college student love there Mac's (I can testify to that. My computer leave my side less than Cow) And I think Apple will head in this direction when it comes to it's computers. Though I don't think people will ever have a laptop Cell phone, but if it's anyone to figure it out, it's Apple.

I think that the flagship's of these companies will be towards these area's with other products, though less popular competing with the other company. Then again Google could take over the world. Just a thought.

Friday, June 15, 2007

More Sky picture

I like this. it's pretty. Thanks reader Smack, and to everyone else who reads and tried to make me feel better. *hugs* I don't feel like doing anything more. sorry guys night.

PS Actually I'm thinking about starting a sky thing. Berry has such gourgous sunsets. I'll take pictures of the best ones and post them on here. Or anything cool with the sky. It kinda of enchants me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I hate stomuch flu (part 2)

If you checked before, I had one in March. I have them five days and I never throw up or anything else once... If I did I would be rid of it. They stink. So since I"m cranky as crazy I'm just going to take some favorite stuff off of *Bleches* well I do blech alot, but I do that anytime I'm nauseous.

see how interesting your IP is
Mine was 6

Good Prank

Windows XP prank

*goes to hug Cow*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Love Cow

Tired. Tummy hurt. I think ate bad toothpaste.

Made things.

Funny stuff for you:

Going to bed. *cuddles with Cow*

Monday, June 11, 2007

Safari and Windows... How much will it matter?

Well if you haven't heard already... Safari is out... On Windows. I was not expecting that. Though once they announced how they were going to make the applications run on Iphone, it made a little more sense. What I'm wondering is what is going to be the adoption rate? I mean how many people would actually move? In my house, it will only be my brother, but think about people and how the cling to their browswers

For example:
Mozilla people cling to their broswer. Some are fanitical about it. Some use it cause it's better on security than IE. Some people use it cause it's what they know. 
The only ones I would expect to bleed off Mozilla are people who are seeking the fastest Browser or who use Firefox on Windows because they don't already have safari. Also if they buy an I phone they may also switch.

IE: I see people who use IE are either uninformed, use it sparely, or love IE. Though the third one is hard to believe there are people who do. I only see them switching are the uninformed, by finding out or Safari being installed on the computer by another and being instructed to use it. I phone again could switch others.

Others: Such as Opera are pretty much set in their browsers that they use. However, if these people need another browser because their's won't handle some information, maybe they will consider Safari, but more likely than not they will stick with IE or firefox.

So with this I don't expect that many conversions to Safari in percents, atleast now. However, this is only for now. Either way, once Safari beta become 3.0 and the Iphone hits the market, I expect that Safari will raise quite a few points. And that's all I could hope for.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogger Widget

Ok, I'm posting from the New Mac Blogger Widget. It's pretty nice, and it finally lets people use their Google accounts. It's in the dashboard (my only one, cause they eat way to much RAM up). I hope that Leapord has a better way of keeping up with Widgets... Oh and no spell checker no this widget. All in all it's not bad. 

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Beautiful Storm

We had a weird sky last night... so I thought I might share it with you. The photographs are my artwork. *proud* Plus Cow was inside with his head under a blanket... *mumbles*I was the one to throw him there */mubbles*

Oh and I'm finally updating once a day. YAY! So if anyone reads this other than Mos, please check back (though I'm proberely jinxing myself)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hi I'm Selma and I need a Louise

Ok, I need a Beta. Again that whole thing of Cow of not being able to type (*cough* or really talk *cough*) stinks. So I need someone to help me with stuff like grammer and junk. It won't be hard, *cough* ok really hard, cause I don't post that often... and if they have their own friend that they would like to post with all the better. Thanks.

Also I will respond in the comments section almost all the time. Mos if you can write..

So I'm in Nerd training

So I have spent the last couple of days thinking by going into what I would call Computer Nerd training... complete with the teenage hormones that most geeks have since they start their training when in middle and high school. (though it's usually not the type of hormones I had... I was as ill as a hornet. Cow and my parents got the brunt of it... Poor Cow has been hugged almost out of his normal shape)

Anyway, I spent the last two days adding a new computer to my already unimpressive arsenal of computers. I raided four Windows 95 computers for parts and made it so that one old HP computer has 160 MB of memory. Whether you consider it bad or good, I seem to be failing at one part of this training... I Can't figure out how to make my computer take a slave drive. I have to admit, even though I may act nerd-ish, I regard myself as a geek. What's the difference?

More Math based person, logical, socially awkward due to this way of thinking scientifically or mathematically, and D and D people

Nerd Cow

Loves to work with computers, writes code for the fun of it, Engineer type.
More of a fantasy based person (SciFi conventions, the one who wear costumes), Socially awkward due to the fact that they like Geeky stuff

Princess Cow-ienty (Sailor Moon Cow!)

They love to use the stuff that Nerds make, but may not know how more in-depth they do to make it. Fantasy writer, Website and software designers.

That's why I think that a lot of Nerd come from Geeks. The best example I can think of is "How William Shatner Changed the world" (Oh yes I am going there). This show describe how a lot of inventions that were described on Star Trek became inspiration for inventors of today. Like these kids went from being kids from being Geeks watching this, turning into Nerd with their love of math... Yeah ok. It's bad, but I think that Nerds and Geeks can be the same, or only one, but they are always linked.

So back on point. while learning this information, I can't figure out to make a slave drive out of this. If you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Plus I want to become a Nerd. Sort of... I'm still not sure about the pocket protecters.

P.S. The definitions are based on how I see Geek vs. Nerd.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well I was watching the a show that dissected Star Wars according to the myths that created it. And they pointed out something interesting about one of the themes of Star Wars. That is the more technology based that a character is in it, the more towards what would be considered not human, or the human experience.

For example, Darth Vader. Poor guy, is so mechanical he need oil to properly walk. He was considered away from the human experience because of this (and the fact he's DARTH VADER).

Or like when they are trying to destroy the Death Star. If you remember, there was a guy who used the computer targeting system to try to destroy the death Star (that lived up to it's name by dying) But when Luke does it without the computer system... BOOM! Bai bai Star thingy. Just cause he didn't use the computer (or the fact that he's LUKE yeah you get the point)

I guess I'm trying to say, how much we use technology are we taking away from going hiking and hanging out with friends. Or even doing something good, like helping out. Or relying more on technology than ourselves or God. I guess I ponder this because this computer is my third hand (Not literally, but it's close to it, and cow would be my fourth). But I mean how many hours have you waisted siting in front of a computer doing nothing?

I think George Lucas had a very good point.

To bad if I try to listen to it... well it would be a hard thing to kick. Cow on the other hand. Well... I think he may have the better life with his grass.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The impossible Quiz

Ok well I sent this quiz, called the impossible quiz. I"m tell you it's addicting. And you get some of the greatest reactions from it. I've seen five people gather around and try to figure out the answers, or one guy who is just so ticked of take the quiz just one more time. Me myself? I've played it hundred times and I'm still only half way through. Cow thinks he can get through quick... but i'm not so sure. Well have to do it to try it out and give the results. I'm going to post this and go to help my friend to get through this on IM.

Here's the link

The Awe inspiring Impossible quiz

Monday, May 14, 2007

SORRRY! I"m back

Ok guys... I'm soooo soorrrryyyy. I got busy with finals, getting put in the hospital for dehydration, and other junk. One of the others in the fact... I don't like talking sometimes... it's really weird. I'm a communication major, and sometimes I would rather jump of a cliff than talk (talk about ironic). So next time that happens I'll backstop on articles for the next time this happnens. Anyway as a way to make it up to you I have


Not just any cookies though...


and a semi Vader looking glob of icing:

A demented C3P0:

And last and certinly not least, Cow (who really needs to be brushed again):

More to come, so if anyone even looks... well I'll be posting from now on. Please come back!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

EDIT: I'm hosting my avatar here. IT's killing my photobucket.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well Easter came and went

Ok, well yeah, Here a piece of artwork I did cause I was bored. Hope you like!

Also Cow got a pircing, and that's the end of if cause I just haven't found anything I Like lately.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

X-treme teddy.

How many of you wish that you had a teddy with you all the time? Well you can now!
With XTeddy (now with attitude) Well this for when Cow isn't around... cause he might feel less loved.

Xteddy. The other white meat.

But for you all who don't have Cow's this is perfect. However you must know this Teddy comes with some attitude

-Ok, listen up!

I hate to break this to ya' chump, but ya' gotta' quit with this •ten•teddy garbage. I talked it over with my new buddy here, Ken Bruseth (now •thats• a man's name) and he thought I should shoot you off an email telling you how I feel. Here's the deal, dude. This putting the number ten in my moniker makes me feel like a sissy. I ain't no Bo Derek! I'm a teddyman, not a teddygirl. Dang, you don't know what yer doin ta me feller. All my teddy buds are crackin' on me all the time - "Hey tenteddy, are you really a 10?" Ha, ha! Out go the lights! I'm tired of whooping my teddy friends' butts over this silly ass name you hung on me. My paws are all bruised and sore from thumpin' noggins, and if you ever bothered to pay attention to me (sniff), you'd see that I don't look that happy. Guess why: it's that stinkin' name!!!! So here's the deal. From now on I want to be known as "•EX•Teddy". Ya got that? Yeah, I can hear it now: EXTeddy, the teddy formerly known as tenteddy. You havta admit, it's got a ring to it, doncha think so? Makes me sound tough. I •am• a rough n' tuff, good old, ted-dude-boy (as in "good old boy" - Get with it! Wake up!). Ya hear what I'm sayin'? Besides that, if the EX thing was good enough for my brother, Malcolm, it's good enough for me. So layoff of me and get this name thing right. And don't try handing me any of that "a rose would smell the same …" bull either. It's the name that smells! So pal, SHAPE UP!!!!! Don't make me hurt you. Take it easy greazzy.

Later Gator…


So if you want a teenage Teddy bear for your loving then here:
He's a hop, jump and a click away from your loving hard drive

Monday, April 2, 2007

What EMI and Apple announcement really means

Well If you haven't heard about this Apple and EMI have announced that Apple Itunes will be selling DRM free music at higher bit quality rates. This bodes well for Apple Itunes in some of the ways they mention.


  • They will be selling high 256 bit rates
  • Will be compatible with all MP3 players
  • Will be more expensive, in the United States it will be 1.29$ for a track instead of the 99 cents.
  • Only EMI tracks will be available as of May
  • Will be worldwide
  • Will not apply for videos
  • Steve Jobs hopes that half of the Itunes Store will be DRM by the end of the calendar year

Cows real thoughts on Toki-chan while she mouth sings

However, this information has more under the surface then what was told to us (and some that isn't

  • First of all, since many people I know have not been using Itunes for the fact that they can tell they can tell that difference will sign on.
  • Since EMI tracks will be worldwide like this, it could imply that I could go and buy Utenda Hikaru (Japanese artist under EMI) and buy the 220¥ (I assume, since everything seems to be taking a 20 cent/pence/euro upturn) and be able to play it on my itunes without having to re-authorize it to a Japanese Itunes
  • Steve Jobs also mention that they expect to have Itunes half DRM free by end of this year, how can he do that when many of the major labels have opposed this? Two reasons:

    -Steve Job with his reality distortion field, may be able to show the record companies that they can make money using EMI as the example (if it works out), combined with the higher bit rate (maybe to make it harder and longer to transport over P2P networks, kinda like HD isn't feasible over this yet either due to the hours of loading, not sure, gave this up in high school) may be able to sway some of the others (except Warner; wouldn't expect them to come for a while)

    -The other indie artist who were against DRM. Bare naked Ladies is a big example, who won't sell on companies with DRM, but have said if Itunes would offer DRM free would love putting on their music.

I except the second reason to be the first artist other than EMI to come on board as DRM free on Itunes, however, I expect that for the hope of half the Itunes store to be DRM free that he will half to get atleast one more label on, or more. As more me? I'm going on Ebay and buying that Yen Itunes card for that chance to get all the music from Utenda Hikaru including this Kingdom Heart hit

Utada Hikaru - ? - EP - ?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Take out your frustrations on your computer without actually damaging it!

Well I have a friend who always always hates his computer, no if and or buts about it. It's cause it never works. This program might just be the thing for his gun toting Texan ways. The program is called Bullet, and nifty little program that lets you use you mouse to shoot at your computer. It's a great little stress reliever, though I think it would be better suited to Window users, but I use it when I get those occasions where my Mac just loves to a hate my favorite website or a need website.

Cow taking pot shots at the computer

The company who makes this also has some other interesting software, such as nice pod-casting software and Windows Partition back up for the Mac. Here's a link to alot of their software, and the rest is at their home page Two Canoes Home

Click Here to get Bullet

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Star Wars

Wow... man this tie fighter computer is amazing... It's like the pinnacle of Geekdom... Like... the Renaissance of Geek... Like... wow...


As we need proof of Geeks in These areas

As if we did need proof that many Geeks live in those Northwester states of Oregon and Seattle, this is all the proof you need. It's a search for Star Wars and Star Trek on Google tracker.. what's really funny is when you look these up you get the funniest countries with the highest search

Sorry about the long hole.. I'm getting a little better

Also added Daily bible verse!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just a little titbits of Google

I love finding Geekiness on the Web and in real life. I mean I about died when at a church retreat my speaker decided to use Star Wars quotes, or when you see a sign that says all your base belong to us. Anyway, since Google (our hoster) deciede to be geeky I would decide to post some of it's more Geeky areas on the Web. My first is when I was going through Google Operating System and saw some of Google so called easter eggs.

Here's an acutually Easter Egg from Google

And here is what you get when you try to do Google Doc's on Opera or Safari (My two favorite browsers!!

I have to admit the fact that I have a Violate intergalactic law... but so has COW!!! So at least I won't be going to jail soon... Unless:

Scenerio 4 happens here, but mostly I'll be dead... or the end of the world will happen and I'll still be dead....

Ahh.. though I never have been to be the one to Learn the intricacies of L33t (meaning L33t is all I can spell... Cow might be able to do more...) I find this page quite funny....

L33t Google

This and the last one of these links comes from a very weird source. It comes from This guy who has such wrong information that he should be arrested. Loco Google totally doesn't look like that!!!!

Loco Google

And the sweetest of all the ones I've seen so far...

They are such Good little boys aren't they?

All good Programmer love their Moms!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2007

I love Irony

Well it has come to my attention that Apple is filing a new patent. I'm sure your thinking what's so important about that, the I-phone has over 200 Hundred on it. Well this patent is on a technology called Double shot casting. This is a processes where they create double casting over an items that gives it that shimmering affect, like the Ipod with White or black under clear. Or....
The Brown over green over the Zune...
If this patent goes through... Well I think that Ipod daily news said it best

"Apple stands to make tens of dollars"

I should have known....

Anyway, if you haven't heard about this all ready, there is a document that was found against our favorite monopoly about how they threatened to withdraw Support for Microsoft Word from Apple computers. Link to Email (PDF)

This was when Apple was going through all the turmoil in 97 and I even heard only had the financing to run two more months,(the article also mentioned about what the memo mentioned about the Apple Evangelism group, I'll use that to time it cause I don't know where the article is) . Anyway, three months later Apple announces that it will be Partnering Microsoft to ship IE on all Macs and with an agreement to support Microsoft Word on Apple computers for the next five years. Yes, I Know this seems important by itself, but I think it shows a trend of Microsoft trying to tighten the noose on Apple, though if not to destroy it, at least control it.

Tightening the Noose

Anyway, back on track, I though about how this related to now. A few months ago Microsoft announced that the next version of Word would not run Marco based documents. Well this does not seem that important to most users, cause most of us don't even know what a Marco is... (I'm not even really sure) However, the article stated that many many companies use this in their documents for one reason or another. Well, so Microsoft is doing this so? Well, after this first article I had a small theory brewing about Microsoft, but I decided to shaft it to bad craftsmanship on Microsoft's case. However, then came around Vista EULA clause on Virtualazation.

Parallels on a Mac has become huge since the adoption of Intel Chips, and I see as a great thing for all software (actually if you notice on the bottom of the PDF file they are talking about the first real virtualazation software... I love irony). However, in the tiny print of Vista End User licensing Agreement, you'll notice that fine print about how that you
A) Cannot use the Home Editions on Virtualazation software (You have to go up Business or Ultimate)
B)That video content that is played with the license (like In2tv was till a couple days ago) would not be available
Though the second reason was told to be due to the fact they could protect it from hackers or malware, this all just backed up my claim even more

These incidents seem to bring my claim that Microsoft is trying to do what it did all those years ago to it's one most Mac Zealots would make, That Microsoft is trying to bring down Apple. However, you know it seem a little more insidious and underhanded this time, by slowing pulling away convenience away from Apple base products, slowly and surely they will pull away customers from Apple. I guess that the nature of the Monopoly beast, even though your making money off this stuff up the wazoo, you still try to tear down you enemies in the process. Sigh

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Stomuch flu...

Ok, well I got a stomach flu, and the planning of my next blog (which is figuring all this hype of Safari eating up all the processing power) will delayed till I can eat something and not be nauseous till I"m hungry again.

Cow showing what is needed when your sick

I found this cool, so in light of another post, here is a blog post I love because, Star Wars and mac combined

Their is a disturbance in the Force

This is hilarious man.
*needs to make Cow's Jedi costume*

Ok while I figuring that I may not throw up, I've been think about figuring about what this blog is going to be about. I know no one reads this blog, maybe someone will, so I've figured out what I want to do ( I think)

Show things dealing with:
-Macs (and computers in General)
-Christianity (in my life and the internet)
-Artwork (mine and others)
-Geekyness (not Fantasy)
and show all this using Cow and pictures to prove a point.

If anyone cares ideas?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Save by the MacBook

Well this was an interesting picture that came that seems to fit the unique idea of this site.

This Macbook was shot in a robbery, and as Mac User says, it looks quite functional. This seems to be true, however, the guy who owned it deleted it, so it seems to be a little unreliably, but I think it seems good, since also the battery would have been shot (literally) and they have a power cord.

Anyway this guy on Mac user also talked about his Powerbook:

+in may 2005 i got hit by a car while crossing a crosswalk, with my iBook in my messenger bag, which is a low bag that hangs down by my knees almost... well, it saved my legs from getting broken, the screen is usless now but the iBook still works and i was able to retrive all of my data using migration assistant. to this date the iBook still powers up and everything other than the screen (completely smashed) seems to work fine...

This is really coool man. Cow agrees.

Parallels; Coming to a gamer near you

How many of you heard today that Parallels software is coming out of Beta. People will be able to update to this for free or buy a new version. Though being a broke college student myself, with In2tv finally being able to play on a Mac, I see no need to get this. However, many online gamers, (such as Cow) may see this as a great opportunity to do this. From what I read you can even make it so that programs from windows can run in a Mac on the Dock with a little part called Coherence. So Cow will only have to click on the online game and go. I think he's excited.

Anyway, this also includes
-USB support of such products as printers at the computer native speed
-ability to burn CD's and DVD using the native CD burner
-a nifty thing where you only have to install windows once so that it will run in boot camp
-A transporter to move things around on the computer

But remember people you got to get Spyware/adware protection.

This all bodes well for this, but most of all, Cow can play games... woot (and I get my computer less... I guess that good.................)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Ok, sorry haven't posted in forever, I know there has been alot (IPHONE!!!!) anyway, I was surfing the internet tonight and I discovered that when I went to in2tv and clicked crusade... I COULD WATCH IT ON MY MAC!!!!! YAYYY!Y!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I can do Hi-quailty, I"ll leave that to other, but I am going to sit back and watch B5. And I will be posting daily k!
Also, Added season 3 episodes of babylon 5 (episode 9 and 17) I think Cow and I though will wait till we have the episode 1 of the season to watch