Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sometimes I don't know if I was born 100 years early or a hundred years late.

I say this because I am one of those people who just doesn't fit. It's kind of like a round peg in a square hole or something like that. Either way this really came to my attention when my Uncle Rick was talking to me this past weekend. The reason he said this to me was because he always saw me when I was growing up.

An Astronaut.

The coolest job ever in my opinion.

Being an astronaut has probably always been my little underling dream. Whereas all my other dreams were of being a doctor or an artist. When they went away, I could still look at a space launch or something about NASA on Tv and dream. That's what makes me different. This isn't an age for dreamers in most areas of work. Most things have been settled, organized, unionized or just plain banned. It's not like a two hundred years ago when the midwest was still open (gold rush, baby) for settlers heading west for adventure. At that time there were only the dreamers or the greedy . They would go too, and neither should have met.(though they did...). I believe that a hundred years from now there will hopefully be that same expansion, though not on this planet. It will most likely be towards the stars... Because when you see those astronauts, even today, you can tell that they are dreamers living the dream and they know that too. Maybe one day we will all live the dream. Until then, I could always become an astronaut farmer.... (even cooler).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Greatest use of the Iphone song ever

*Falls over laughing*
I will never look at this song the same way again.

Though the 300 page bill makes me feel bad for the person. And the fact is was 275 makes it worse.

So I've come up with a new trademark for AT&T (though it's probably true of any phone company)

AT&T: Killing the Rain-forest one Iphone bill at time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Love it.

I think Cow does too.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why I am Consistently inconsistent

Yes this is me. I am completely and utterly unable to be consistent in somethings. This seems to be one of them. But the reason I'm inconstant with this is because I'm so constant at something else.

Getting in accidents or sick.

So when I don't update, this is usually the reason (or school, but much much less likely). This time, you see I was in summer school (with no Cow, which was a veryy good thing) for the last three weeks... before the three weeks before this. Anyway, one day I decided to go pick blackberries. Well, how can something as innocent as picking blackberries go so utterly wrong you must ask.

When you are horribly, horribly alergic to posion Ivy and think you aren't.

So, Five days of swelling, four hundred dollars (at least), three doctor visits, two shots and steroid pacs, and one ER visit later, I look semi-normal, though I doubt it will completely go away without some side effects on my looks. (*sigh* I have to really start wearing make-up...)

But... in some sick ways... this is really really funny....

If you have a really good stomach and a sick sense of humour (cause to much pity is boring), grab some popcorn and a seat and keep reading as I list out the great little twists in my life.

First, this case of poison Ivy, that I had was yes painful, but it let me be asian.

Yes I said asian, and not just one kind of asian... All kinds.

I was Chinese, Korean, and Japanese all in the span of three days. (I was also a shedding snake for about a week after that).

Also, my accidents always seem to involve my feet. Don't ask me why, I think it's cause they have such a high instep, but who really knows, I have broken 4 toes (5 bones)... and almost every single time it was on a excise machine. And you want to know the best part? Every single time, I wasn't even using the machine... just walking (or jumping) over it.

But we haven't got to the best toe story. My Mom even agrees this is even a Classic Toki-chan moment, truly if you want to know me, you will know this.

So, I was at a Convention (Oh, man the convention stories I have.... *shakes head*) AWA, if that makes any sense, and I was running in the back stage area barefoot. Anyway, I find out my ride is leaving, so I hustle to go catch my ride. Well, I had forgotten that I had an Ein on me (my last stuffed animal before Cow) and needed to give him back. Gave him back, and as I was running back, I stubbed my toe, or at least that's what it felt like at the time. I Just kept running on the side of my foot, something I perfected with all the time I had broken my toe. So that night I look at my toe when I get back, and it really just looked like maybe I had got a splinter in my toe at worst.

Wow was I so wrong.

By Monday, third period my foot had swollen over to twice it's size. My friend very urgently told me to got to the doctor. Well, after a minute of fighting about whether or not I wanted to give up one day of school and risk not getting exempted. I did go though, and well we went to one of those Urgent Care places that had already gotten to know me so well.

This is what came out in the X-ray.
(no way, you got to click the link, I promise it's worth it.)

I thought my mom was going to kill me. She just laughed.

THis is just the tip of the iceburg, though most of the rest aren't that funny and only one really other serious one, (with once again my foot being broke, though on a dirt bike).

Did I mention this is my and Cow's birthday?
May I live another 19 years.

I'll take one with my luck.