Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes, I am alive, no those colors did not make my eyes bleed... much.

I finally have a life again. Life problems and the fact I wanted to avoid messing around with the code of this has stopped me from updating. It's quite frustrating, in a good way(?)
So other than being 6 months older (and for Cow, dirtier) not much has happened...
Except I got a website! (only Safari and Opera compatible, Firefox and IE like me just about as much as I like them)

Though I (still) don't have a server up, this is up through my college's I do have one that is my pet project. It will not be my main server, but I love the concept, and one that has become quite popular. Taking old Macs (like my age) and turning them into working servers using a form of Free BSD.
If I could do something a little more fancy than this I would be quite happy. (Plus this guy little Mac survived being Digged and kept on puttering along)Even maybe make a twitter like thing? (though I really don't like it) I'm sure something will come of it, hopefully.

Either way, I totally want to link to something as cool as this on my server.

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